Mixologist John Kinder of Death's Door Gin - Biography


November 2011

John Kinder quit his day job to bartend professionally in 2005. He began by building a bar program at Moxie in Wrigleyville in Chicago, and then headed to The Pump Room, a Chicago institution in the Ambassador Hotel. There begin replacing Apple Pucker Appletinis with fresh apple juice martinis spiked with clove and nutmeg tinctures. The crowd at The Pump Room loved their Apple Pucker a little more than they should, but at his next post at mk he found a team and clientele that were ready for his hyper-creative approach to beverages.

Kinder and mk's chef began building multi-course dinners revolving around cocktail and food pairings. And Kinder borrowed the kitchen’s equipment—the vacuum sealer and immersion circulator—to build complex, flavor-forward drinks.

After leaving mk, Kinder began putting his public relations degree and MBA to use as the national sales director for Death's Door Gin, and he's been an instrumental brand ambassador and educator for the spirit.