Restaurateur Joe Campanale of Fausto - Biography

Brooklyn, NY

September 2011

Born and raised in Queens, New York, 2011 New York Rising Star Restaurateur Joe Campanale’s love of wine began when he took his first sip of local ice wine at New York’s Finger Lakes. And when his mother was injured in a car accident not long after, Campanale began cooking for her, an experience that taught him the nurturing properties of food and the fundamental humanity of hospitality.

As a student at New York University, Campanale was more interested in the culinary vitality of New York City than his degree. After an internship at Union Square Café during his sophomore year (Campanale talked his way into the job to satisfy a reporting requirement), he began immersing himself in his Food Studies program, soaking up anything his professors could teach him. What they couldn’t teach, Campanale taught himself, in part during studies abroad in Madrid (where he grew fond of Sherry) and Florence (where he visited vineyards on an almost weekly basis).

Back in the States, Campanale got a job at Italian Wine Merchants and the International Wine Cellar, eventually earning a Master of Arts in Food Studies and sommelier job at Mario Batali’s Babbo. In October 2007, Campanale finally took the hospitality reins, opening intimate West Village restaurant Dell'Anima, where he continues to serve as sommelier. Next came L'Artusi, where Campanale added a number of Italian microbrews and signature cocktails, the intimate wine bar Anfora, and the 200-seat L’Apicio.

After departing his downtown Manhattan restaurant group, Campanale opened Fausto in 2017. Located in the former and beloved Franny's space, Campanale brings to Prospect Heights his wine-centric perspective and exceptional Italian cuisine.