Rising Star Chef Jill Davie of Josie - Biography

Santa Monica, CA

May 2006

As a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and UC Santa Cruz, Jill Davie has won accolades from the press, her schools, and everyone who has had the pleasure of experiencing her food. Davie was presented with the Food and Wine Baby Chef Award by Julia Child just out of school in 1996, and was on her way to a stellar career.

During culinary school, Davie did her externship from C.I.A. at LuLu in San Francisco under Jody Denton and Reed Hearon, and within a year of graduating, had secured a position as chef de cuisine for Hans Rockenwagner at his eponymous restaurant. In the three years that she worked for Rockenwagner, Davie was in Art Culinaire, Food Arts and Gourmet magazines. Before moving on to her current position at Josie, Davie traveled to Chicago to work as a visiting chef at Tru, Blackbird and Charlie Trotter's.

Since its inception in 2000, Davie has worked side by side with Chef Josie Le Balch at her award-winning restaurant in Santa Monica. From the start, the pairing of Davie’s culinary style, her passionate devotion to local farmer’s markets and Le Balch’s rustic approach has lofted their restaurant to the forefront of the fine dining scene in Los Angeles. In 2003, Davie became Josie’s chef de cuisine. They have been featured in numerous articles, including USA Today’s “Top New Restaurant Picks” and as one of the “Best New Restaurants 2001” by Esquire critic John Mariani. Davie was also featured on the Food Network show “Date Plate.” And in 2006, David added another accolade to her list, joining the ranks of StarChefs.com as a Los Angeles Rising Star.