Chef Jill Conklin of Salt Block 8 - Biography

New York, NY

September 2015

There might be no stone Jill Conklin has left unturned in the food industry. Earning a degree in food-applied science and nutrition, Conklin has spent 20 years in the business working as an executive chef, a nutrition and food safety educator, a business development market manager, a product manager, and as a philanthropic adviser.

As founder of Salt Block 8, she’s found a way to bring her dizzying array of skills together, providing operations and business development services to the food industry. And her long-simmering passion for passion for gastronomy has translated into nonprofit work in areas such as global health, food systems, and economic development. As an ambassador and organizer of Corporate Social Responsibility policies and programs, Conklin believes food is a catalyst to understand, improve, and preserve the wellness of communities. Over the course of her career, she’s worked with Chefs Move to School, The American Culinary Federation, School Nutrition Association and Foundation, the USDA, and as ambassador to the Global Child Nutrition Forum, World Food Programme, and The Center for Excellence. Currently, Conklin serves as a board trustee of The Culinary Trust, an adviser chair of IACP Youth Culinary Initiatives, and Program Director for SuperChefs Cookery.