Mixologist Jeremy Ross of Second State - Biography

Washington, D.C.

December 2014

From serving our nation to serving drinks in our nation’s capital, Jeremy Ross has a career that took a decided detour. After serving time as an IT tech in The Navy, Ross bided his time while seeking another IT gig in the civilian sector. Somehow, during that time, Ross found himself sucked into the restaurant world and he hasn’t looked back.

Although he’d always had a passion for cooking, Ross was offered a job behind the bar and realized he could apply the same passion and precision he’d shown in the kitchen to cocktails. He even parlayed his love of cooking into drink creation by staging in his off hours first at 701 Restaurant and now at The Oval Room under Chef Tony Conte where he learned to layer flavors and the importance of subtlety.

Currently Ross works under Beverage Director Simon Stillwell, whom he can bounce ideas off of via text at 3am; and he doesn’t plan on changing career tracks again any time soon. For now, he’s focused on doing simple things well. “It’s all about the basics done as perfectly as possible.”