Mixologist Jeremy Oertel of Donna - Biography

Brooklyn, NY

April 2013

An artist by calling, Jeremy Oertel discovered his other talent--mixology--by chance. Working behind the bar to support himself through art school at Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia, Oertel was soon caught up in the creativity of crafting cocktails. He relocated from Georgia to New York City, ostensibly pursuing painting and drawing, but as he worked his way through mad mixologist labs such as Cornershop, Dram, and Mayahuel, he found his appreciation of this new medium growing. To Oertel mixology is founded in equal parts artistry and craft, much like his beloved painting. In his current position as head bartender at Williamsburg's Donna, Oertel crafts technically adept drinks that reflect his artistic vision and eye to originality and balance.