Sommelier Jenny Benzie of Cafe Boulud Palm Beach - Biography

Palm Beach, FL

February 2006

An interest in the sociology of winedrinking may seem an unlikely start for a sommelier, but it brought Jenny Benzie from would be grad-student to a position at Daniel Boulud’s Palm Beach outpost, Café Boulud. As a server at various restaurants, Jenny took to wine and eventually it took her to the Virgin Islands. There she began taking courses, eventually racking up certifications from a number of organizations including the Court of Master Sommeliers, the Society of Wine Educators, the International Wine Center, and the Wine and Spirits Education Trust.

Jenny has worked in several sides of the wine industry including tasting rooms at wineries in the Willamette Valley, retail sales, and, of course, on the floor in restaurants like Michael’s in Santa Monica and the Caneel Bay Resort in the Virgin Islands.

During her time at Café Boulud, Jenny oversaw a selection of about 450 bottles, focused on American and French wines but with well-picked selections from other parts of the world; the international part of the list was called the “travelogue,” hitting highlights from Spain, Austria, Italy and so on. Now the wine director at Cru on Nantucket, Benzie focuses her efforts on developing a list of hand-selected wines that complements the restaurant's cuisine while creating a memorable wine experience for guests.