Rising Star Artisan Jen King of Liddabit Sweets - Biography

Brooklyn, NY

February 2015

She might have had a meteoric rise on the New York sweets scene, but Jen King didn’t start in sweets, or New York, for that matter. Originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, King received a degree in communications from Michigan State University. King parlayed her education into a career in politics, spending 2004 through 2007 working for the Democratic party.

Campaigning and general political exhaustion hit King fairly hard. Looking for a new outlet for her drive and ambition, King turned to her 2000-plus cookbook collection and saw her future. She followed that vision to New York, and enrolled in The International Culinary Center in 2007.

If making friends at school can sometimes ease the burdens of hard work, for King, it was much more pivotal. ICC is where she met future friend and business partner Liz Gutman, with whom she realized she shared a passion for sustainably produced ingredients and, of course, sweets. Talk of starting a business became a reality in early 2009, when King and Gutman debuted Liddabit Sweets. Since then, Liddabit has exploded onto the artisan scene and beyond, including IACP award-nominated The Liddabit Sweets Candy Cookbook. And while Liddabit continues to expand its output, King hasn’t stopped earning accolades. With Gutman, she was the recipient of ICC’s first-ever Outstanding Alumni Award for Entrepreneurship. In 2015, King earned a StarChefs Rising Star Concept Chef Award for her work at Liddabit Sweets.