Chef Jeff Vance of Spur Gastropub - Biography

Seattle, WA

September 2015

Chef Jeff Vance grew up in a small town in British Columbia with a thriving Italian community. His best friend’s family made their own wine and salami—a hands-on culinary connection that stayed with Vance even as his family moved, to Calgary, Southern California, and finally Spokane, Washington.

Vance spent seven years working the lines of low-key restaurants for cash to support his leisure activities: music and skateboarding. By 23, studying architecture floated into Vance’s mind. The creative aspect of the field appealed to him. Being desk-bound did not. So Vance turned back to cooking. A pivotal position with Jeremy Hansen at Santé helped him harness his creative energy and learn discipline, and he was promoted to sous chef in six months. Honing his craft, Vance began to scan the horizon for further culinary possibilities.

He moved to Seattle and discovered SPUR Gastropub, where he was hired a day after arriving and worked his way from garde manger to chef de cuisine in less than six months. Today, Vance’s cuisine is all about big flavors, modern technique, and surprising outcomes. He makes unexpected, exuberant food, and his boldness stands out in a booming Seattle market, earning him a 2015 StarChefs Rising Star Chef Award.