Rising Star Chef Jason Fox of Commonwealth Restaurant - Biography

San Francisco, CA

May 2013

As a child Jason Fox was drawn to art, but as he got older cooking became his creative outlet. Fox began working in kitchens during high school, picking up dishwashing and prep cook shifts. He enjoyed the constant learning experience the job provided and continued cooking while studying business at the University of Arizona. After graduation Fox moved to San Francisco, where he initially found work in the business sector.Ready for a switch to cooking, Fox took a position at Bizou, working with San Francisco Chef Loretta Keller. Working for Keller, Fox expanded his culinary scope and was introduced to the wide landscape of California’s product. Fox continued to work throughout the city, spending time at Stinson Beach Park Café and Scott Howard before landing his first chef position at Bar Tartine. During his time there, Fox developed a close relationship with a number of co-workers, and the group decided to start their own project.Now co-owner and chef of Commonwealth, Fox is crafting one the best dining experiences in the Bay Area. Combining great local produce with modern technique and flavors from across the world, he aims to give guests something they don’t expect—all within a comfortable, low-key setting of the Mission Street restaurant. Striving to create a truly community-focused restaurant, Commonwealth donates a portion of the restaurant’s profits to local charities. Open since 2010, the restaurant has been featured in prominent local and national publications including San Francisco magazine, Saveur, The New York Times, and Food & Wine. For his work at the restaurant, Fox earned a 2013 StarChefs Rising Star Chef Award.