Chef Jamison Blankenship of Bar Chuko - Biography

Brooklyn, NY

September 2015

New Orleans native Jamison Blankenship didn’t get his start in restaurants until he was 21. But once he got there, he took off, spending just six years in kitchens before he’d be at the helm of a game-changing New York City restaurant.

Before he stepped into the kitchen, Blankenship enlisted in the Air Force. After returning home, he began working front of the house at Emeril Lagasse’s original New Orleans restaurant, but the back of the house called. A move to Miami in 1997 helped Blankenship develop his talents, which he then brought to D.C., working at Michel Richard’s Citronelle. Next he consulted for restaurants Dish and Nectar, which earned numerous awards and accolades under his leadership.

By 2005, Blankenship had caught the eye of Chef Masaharu Morimoto. And in two short years he rose from line cook to chef de cuisine, all while becoming Morimoto’s all-around right hand man (including repeat appearances alongside Morimoto on “Iron Chef America”).

In 2014, Blankenship was ready to move on from right hand man to chef in charge, and he opened his first solo restaurant, Chuko, a ramen shop. Shortly after, he opened izakaya-style Bar Chuko down the street, which unapologetically revived the “Asian fusion” concept—albeit with highly researched, authentic, beautifully executed dishes.