Mixologist Jack McGarry - Biography

April 2013

As Head Bartender at The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog, Jack McGarry is responsible for the creation of its extensive historically-based drinks program. McGarry tested thousands of recipes from scores of cocktail books from the mid-nineteenth century, adjusting each recipe to account for the contemporary palate (which sometimes meant 50 to 70 versions of a drink on his way to the ideal). But McGarry was rewarded with a menu like no other, complete with 72 drinks, a seasonal insert menu, bottled and communal punches, beer “pop-inns,” and the largest selection of Irish whiskey in New York.

It’s hardly surprising that such prolific and meticulous work should come from McGarry, who trained at some of the best cocktail bars in the U.K. and arguably the world. Immediately prior to joining The Dead Rabbit, McGarry tended bar at Milk & Honey London, one of the world’s most highly-awarded bar operations. Prior, McGarry realized his bartending ambition of working with Dead Rabbit founder Sean Muldoon at The Merchant Hotel, which was declared “World’s Best Cocktail Bar” in 2010 at Tales of the Cocktail.