Rising Star Artisan Ian Cappelano of Foremost Baking Co. - Biography

Providence, RI

March 2014

Maybe it’s no surprise that it takes three guys to prepare what’s arguably the freshest bread in Providence. But it’s not just any three guys; it’s three seriously fervid, idiosyncratic ones: Ian Cappelano, Peter Kobulnicky, and Michael Lingwall—excellent bakers in their own right, but a force for sublime baked goods together.

The trio met when they were all working at Seven Stars Bakery, another homegrown Providence operation, but it was actually their regular habit of meeting at a local bar—Louie Fuller’s, where Ian also worked—that led them into planning what would eventually become Foremost Baking Co. Production began when bar owners Desi and Eric Wolf offered the trio a space in the bar’s kitchen in exchange for fresh bread.

From there, Cappelano, Kobulnicky, and Lingwall opened their own space in Butcher Block Mills and began supplying local businesses and restaurants with artisan-quality, obsessively fresh bread and pastry (staggered baking for morning and afternoon runs, with restaurants supplied with breads baked at 2pm, delivered by 4:30pm). Not only do the guys deliver fresh, they design bread programs specific to restaurants—pushing not just quality, but the intimacy of artisan bread to the next level. In 2014, the trio earned the StarChefs.com Coastal New England Rising Star Artisan Award.