Mixologist Houston Eaves of Contigo - Biography

Austin, TX

February 2012

Bar Manager at Austin’s quirk-meets-quality Contigo, Houston Eaves’ defines his style according to a famous Da Vinci quote: “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” The quote has served him well, as Eaves is not only 2011 winner of the “Official Drink of Austin” contest, but is at the helm of one of the city’s most successful, innovative bar programs. A self-taught mixologist, Eaves’ first industry job was far from the cocktail menu, working for at his father’s sub shop in high school. Subs might not have been Eaves’ forte, but he did ultimately land in the industry, successfully behind the bar. And as part of the trio of bartenders serving the thirsty Contigo crowd, Eaves is responsible for over 100 cocktails a night. And throughout his curriculum vitae—indeed, in his mixing and drinking—Eaves consistently favors Da Vinci’s sophisticated simplicity. A member of the USBG, Eaves’ favorite cocktail to drink, and make, is The Negroni.