Restaurateur Hilda Staples of Bryan Voltaggio Family of Restaurants - Biography

Frederick, MD

September 2015

Before making Frederick, Maryland into a dining destination, Restaurateur Hilda Staples arrived in the United States with little more than a suitcase. She was seven, the youngest of three siblings solely in the care of her mother, from whom she inherited an unbreakable work ethic. Growing up in Alexandria, Virginia, offered Staples vastly different opportunities from the ones she left when her family fled Iran.

Staples studied political science at nearby Marymount University, went on to law school (briefly), and eventually embarked on a career in public relations on Capitol Hill, where she met her husband Jonathan Staples. After giving birth to twins, Staples found herself at home in Frederick bored, tired, and hungry. Through tenacity, grit, and gumption, she opened Volt in 2008 in partnership with Chef Brain Voltaggio, with whom Staples also opened Lunchbox, Family Meal, and in Washington D.C., RANGE and AGGIO, as well as AGGIO Baltimore. With Chef Mike Isabella, Staples has opened Graffiatos in D.C. and in Richmond, Virginia. A maestro of everything from sweeping up drywall dust to concept development, investor relations, and daily financials, Staples is the matriarch of an ever-growing family of restaurants.