Chef Hideki Ishikawa of Ishikawa - Biography

Tokyo, Japan

July 2012

Chef Hideki Ishikawa always wanted to live in Tokyo. Growing up in the Japanese countryside, he could think of nothing else. But when he first came to the big city hisplan was to work in the fashion industry. Rejection followed rejection, and Ishikawa was forced to take a job at a small café to make a living. The rest, as they say, is history. From that humble start Ishikawa spent the next 17 years working at a number of Tokyo restaurants, finally opening his own self-named restaurant behind the Bishamonten shrine, where he provides a traditional kaiseki menu. The cuisine at Ishikawa is kept simple to highlight the dishes, without too being over-worked; while Ishikawa is always on the hunt for new flavor combinations, he doesn’t dabble in gelées or foams. Likewise, he and Service Manager Chihiro Sugizaki have crafted a kaiseki experience that is kept natural and comfortable, without too much impact on the guest.