Chef Hemant Mathur of Tulsi - Biography

New York, NY

March 2011

Since he first discovered his passion for cuisine at 17, Mathur has sought the perfect balance of fresh, flavorful ingredients and innovative Indian cuisine; he takes his product—and his passion—very seriously, almost reverentially. Mathur first came to the United States (by way of Mexico and Germany) from his hometown of Jaipur, India, 16 years ago. And during his early years as a chef in New York, Mathur contributed to the success of some of the city’s top Indian restaurants. Working under the late Raji Jallepali, Mathur created huge buzz behind the line at Tamarind, which he helped open in 2000. In 2002, he served as executive chef of Diwan Grill, where he fused French and American culinary and service concepts with authentic Indian cuisine.

After taking the helm at Amma, Mathur teamed with Suvir Saran as co-executive chef of fine dining Indian restaurant Devi, which the pair opened in 2004. The restaurant not only garnered heaps of praise in major national publications (The New York Times, Bon Appetit, and Food & Wine), but it also became the country’s first Michelin-starred Indian restaurant in 2007. When Mathur finally opened Tulsi, he had a rapt audience and a well seasoned, nuanced culinary style that showed a deep love for both India’s mosaic of culinary traditions and America’s ever-evolving culinary landscape.