Chef Heinz Reitbauer of Steirereck - Biography

Vienna, Austria

March 2013

Growing up working at his parents’ restaurant, Steirereck, may have given Austrian chef Heinz Reitbauer an early advantage. But since joining them as a partner in 1996 he’s established himself as a culinary force in his own right. Reitbauer attended hotel school in Altötting, Austria, at the age of 16 before undertaking his first apprenticeship in his father’s kitchen. A second year of training under hotelier-restauranteur brothers Rudi and Karl Obauer gave Reitbauer a strong foundation in modern Austrian cuisine and prepared him for greater challenges.

In 1989 he moved to Lyon, France, to work under renowned chef Alain Chapel, after which he relocated once again, this time to London to work for Swiss chef Anton Mosimann. Returning to his native Austria, Reitbauer teamed up with his parents to open a restaurant and inn in the rural region of Styria, Wirsthaus Steirereck Pogusch. A farm on the grounds supplies most of the kitchen’s needs, while local products round out the selection with typically Styrian flavors, always with an eye to authenticity and sustainability.

With the inn well established and flourishing, in 2005, Reitbauer turned his attention back to the original Steirereck in Vienna’s central city park, and set about putting his mark on it. Under Reitbauer’s direction Steirereck maintains two Michelin stars and the number 11 spot on San Pellegrino’s “World’s 50 Best” list. The menu is a celebration of seasonal Styrian cuisine, prepared with all the skill and nuance of a world-class chef.