Chef Hector Solis of Fiesta - Biography

Lima, Peru

September 2015

Chef Hector Solis was born in Lambayeque, a small town in northern Peru. The people in that region are decedents of the Mochina tribe, a group who was and still is dedicated to living the good life by keeping alive the time-honored customs of their traditional cuisine. In Lambayeque, a devotion to cooking begins at birth, and for Solis, it was a birthright. From a young age, he learned to cook from his mother and grandparents. He’s also a third generation entrepreneur and restaurateur. Solis’ father, Don Alberto, opened the original, groundbreaking Fiesta restaurant in Chiclayo, the capital of Lambayeque, in 1996.

After receiving a degree in economics and studying hospitality management at Le Cordon Bleu in Lima, Solis joined the family business with a vision for the future of Fiesta and Peruvian food. In 2002, he opened Fiesta Tacna followed by Fiesta Trujillo in 2007. Today there are five such fine-dining establishments throughout Peru, plus Solis’s most recent addition, the more casual La Picantería. Carrying on the family tradition of progressive Peruvian cuisine while remaining true to his roots, Solis has shepherded the food of his culture into the modern era of global cuisine.

Solis pushes the boundaries of Peruvian cooking while relying heavily on fresh and high-quality indigenous ingredients like native chiles, heirloom potatoes, chicha de jora (Peruvian corn beer), and most famously, his warm, fragrant, barely cooked ceviches (a great contribution to the culinary world in itself). Many ingredients are sourced directly from his own farm or the local markets near his establishments. In addition to cooking and overseeing the Fiesta empire, Solis writes cookbooks and travels to important gastronomic events around the world and mentors potential proteges—all while spreading the wealth of his culinary inheritance and becoming one of Peru’s greatest cultural exports.