Pastry Chef Heather Schmidt of Union Square Donuts - Biography

Somerville, MA

April 2015

Trained at Johnson & Wales University in the early 1990s, coming into her own in the pastry game of Boston in the late 90s at Rialto and the early 2000’s at Radius, Heather Schmidt founded Homemade Modern Co. (formerly City Chicks) in 2012. There she offered locals accessible adult home-economics classes introducing her students to the basics of baking, and bringing in some serious finesse into the classroom.

After the immense success and popularity of the classes among the Boston community, Schmidt delved into the indulgent, comforting, yet refined craft of the donut. Her Union Square Donuts, co-owned with business partner Josh Danoff, first opened in late 2012 and has since taken like LeBron James sailing in for the slam dunk (no small feet in the land of Dunkin’ Donuts). From sea-salt bourbon caramel to the peanut butter and jelly and the infamous maple bacon it’s no surprise that Heather Schmidt’s latest venture with tire-shaped treats has become an irresistible cult hit in Boston and model for pastry chefs wanting to strike out on there own.