Chef Hans Rockenwagner of Rockenwagner - Biography

Los Angeles , CA

November 2011

Hans Rockenwagner completed his rigorous apprenticeship and three years of schooling in the Black Forest, where he learned the fine points of combining classical French and Nouvelle Cuisine with elegant presentation.He perfected these techniques while cooking and traveling in Germany, France, and Switzerland. Rockenwagner came to the United States after being recruited by Jovan Tryboyevic of the legendary Le Perroquet Restaurant in Chicago. At the age of twenty-two, Rockenwagner was one of the youngest talents to command a fine dining kitchen in the nation.

He moved to Los Angeles in 1984 to open his own restaurant, Röckenwagner, which gains notoriety year after year as one of the top restaurants in Southern California. The Los Angeles Times, Gourmet Magazine, the Zagat Survey, and the Food Network consistently praise Rockenwagner's intelligent cooking and his ability to seamlessly meld classic with new, while integrating innovative, whimsical presentation. In 2000, Röckenwagner was named one of the top ten restaurants in Los Angeles by Gourmet Magazine ). Since then, Rockenwagner has opened other California locations, including a bakery and cafe and bakery.

In addition to being an accomplished chef and cookbook author, Rockenwagner is a skillful carpenter. His handmade furniture graces his restaurants and home, and has been featured in House Beautiful Magazine, American Homestyle and Gardening Magazine, the Discovery Channel and House and Garden TV. He resides in California with his wife and business partner, Patti, and his three children, Gina, Roxanne, and Hansi.