Chef Guenter Seeger - Biography

June 2012

Guenter Seeger is a chef who has always done things his own way, confident that the clarity of his vision and the quality of his cuisine would find their own appreciative audience. After receiving formal training in Switzerland, Seeger returned to his native Germany in 1977 to open his first restaurant, Hoheneck, in Pforzheim, near the Black Forest. His recreations of traditional German dishes using French techniques and exotic ingredients puzzled the locals but quickly drew acclaim from patrons and critics all over Europe.

In 1985, Seeger moved to Atlanta and transformed The Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead into one of the nation’s best restaurants. At the same time, his passion for the freshest and finest ingredients led him to become a driving force in the founding of the Georgia Organic Growers Association. In 1997, he opened Seeger’s, a restaurant designed from top to bottom to be the ultimate expression of doing it “his way,” striking a balance between catering to the whims of his guests and fulfilling his vision of what their experience should be.

In 2007, Seeger’s closed and Seeger headed to New York City where he has consulted for a number of large grocery store chains while looking for his next big project.