Greg Seider of Summit Bar - Biography

New York, NY

August 2010

If you’ve had a cocktail in the greater metropolitan area in the past decade, there’s a good chance you’ve come into contact—directly or indirectly—with Greg Seider. Seider has worked the New York mixology scene for more than 12 years, through the formative stages of its rapidly growing cocktail culture to its current state of diversity and maturity. And even with so much experience behind him, Seider is still tackling new projects, and shaking and stirring his way into the next era of cocktail culture.

Seider’s innovative cocktails first began to draw a crowd at Mercer Kitchen, where he collaborated with chefs and pastry chefs to create his menu, leading to tea- and herb-infused cocktails that challenged traditional boundaries between the bar and kitchen. Since then, Seider has refined his techniques and played with flavor profiles in notable New York culinary and cocktail institutions like Asia de Cuba, Lot 61, Robert DeNiro’s Hudson Lounge, and Minetta Tavern. He also ran the beverage program at the world famous dinner theater The Box and created a specialized cocktail program for The Standard Hotel in Miami Beach.

But Seider’s experience, and the many accolades that have poured in along the way, haven’t quelled his ambitions. His projects are numerous, and they seem to keep popping up. Beyond competing in international cocktail competitions (he won the 2009 Flor de Caña competition and was one of three finalists in New Zealand’s 42 Below Cocktail World Cup) Seider is contributing new establishments to New York’s bustling mixology scene. His latest is the recently-opened The Summit Bar, a joint venture with long-time friend and hospitality industry veteran Hamid Rashidzada, where their “Ground to Glass” principle—and Seider’s rooftop garden—ensures that every cocktail will be ultra-seasonal and fresh.