Pastry Chef Giane Cavaliere of VOLT - Biography

Frederick, MD

September 2017

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, Giane Cavaliere grew up under the culinary tutelage of her mother and grandmother. Her mother’s terminal illness meant Cavaliere and her sister assumed cooking responsibilities for their family at a young age. As a teen, Cavaliere pursued a career in ballet, until 1994, when she immigrated to the United States as a student of photography. While toiling in the darkroom, she continued baking. When photography went digital, and she saw her beloved craft becoming obsolete, Cavaliere found yet another creative outlet: pastry.

Meticulous and determined, she landed a pastry gig at Posh Supperclub and Restaurant in Washington, D.C., while also tackling a baking shift at CakeLove. Cavaliere then moved to a position as pastry assistant at PS7’s, working with Pastry Chef Zak Miller, where she began to create her own dishes and craft her style. In 2011, Cavaliere had her first tasting and consequently stepped into the position left vacant by Rising Stars alum Chris Ford at R.J. Cooper’s Rogue 24, where she won her own Rising Stars Award in 2014.

Currently, Cavaliere is pursuing her creativity without bounds, pushing the envelope with experimental techniques and presentations at Bryan Voltaggio’s Volt in Frederick, Maryland.