Chef German Calle of Petrossian Restaurant New York - Biography

New York, NY

April 2013

Growing up in Ecuador, German Calle was immersed in a vibrant food culture that fostered his own culinary fire. While his initial career aspirations veered toward medicine, a chef roommate convinced him otherwise. Under his roommate’s tutelage and with her support, Calle spent two years learning the ins and outs of the back of the house. After his early immersion in the industry, Calle decided to expand his education abroad and moved to the United States in fall 1986.

Calle was fiercely determined to succeed and split his time washing dishes at night and studying English during the day. Time spent in fine-dining kitchens in Colorado and Chicago exposed him to classical French techniques. After his first year on the hot line, Calle took his savings and newly acquired know-how and spent the next year working in Europe—with stints in Spain and Sweden.

Calle returned to the United States with a strengthened resolve to make it as a chef and he soon earned the executive chef role at Petrossian Restaurant New York. Known for its caviar service, Calle has taken on the task of making the restaurant’s name also synonymous with creative, and high-quality cuisine. He also nurtures and mentors his staff to learn and evolve as he has.