George Weld of Parish Hall - Biography

Brooklyn, NY

August 2013

George Weld may have built a mini restaurant empire, but he built it conscientiously, and that’s the point. The cook, writer, farmer, and restaurateur behind Egg Restaurant, Parish Hall, Hash Bar in Brooklyn and Goatfell Farm upstate, tends to put his money where his mouth is (or his diners’ mouths are), incorporating concepts of sustainable sourcing and employment practices before they came to the fore of the national sustainability conversation.

Weld’s work has not only earned him scores of critical acclaim—and an ardent brunch following at Egg—but Snails of Approval awards for Parish Hall and Egg from Slow Food New York. His restaurants have also been recognized by the Michelin Guide and praised by The New York Times, The New Yorker, and New York Magazine. Egg alone was named “Best Breakfast in New York” by New York Magazine and was recognized for many years as the “Best Southern Restaurant in New York” by Zagat—which makes sense, at least in part because Weld was raised in the North Carolina before moving to Brooklyn and Oak Hill, New York. Parish Hall was also named “Best New American Restaurant in New York” by The Village Voice and “Best Brunch in New York” by New York Magazine.

Weld is an active participant in the Slow Money movement and a frequent writer and speaker on food, culture, sustainable business, and fair employment practices. He is on the board of the Food Book Fair, a participant in the ROC-NY Brooklyn Roundtable, a member of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of NY, and a regular contributor to Edible Brooklyn.