Rising Star Chef George Marsh of Parts & Labor - Biography

Baltimore, MD

November 2014

An accidental butcher, George Marsh took a circuitous route to the restaurant industry, dabbling first in fine arts and industrial design before discovering his affinity for life in the kitchen. He took on his most formative position, one that change the course of his chef-career, when he accepted a job as a line cook at Baltimore’s Woodberry Kitchen in 2009, and was quickly promoted to chef de cuisine. The focus on butchery came after a conversation with the Chef Spike Gjerde, who encouraged Marsh to find a use for meadow calves. It was then that Marsh began to understand the importance of whole animal butchery—not just as a method of minimizing waste, but as a vital support system for the grower community. As the restaurant’s demand grew, Marsh began butchering full-time, breaking down whole cows, lamb, pigs, and goats. He also set up the restaurant’s elaborate curing, smoking, and aging program, while furthering his expertise in seam butchering by studying with Master Butcher Dominique Chapolard and Christoph Wiesner, president of the Austrian Mangalitsa Breeders’ Association. Today, Marsh is the executive chef and head butcher—directing a team of five—at Parts & Labor, a full-service butcher shop and restaurant, which streamlines the butchering process for all of Gjerde’s restaurants: Shoo-Fly, Artifact Coffee, and Woodberry Kitchen. Parts & Labor specializes in open stone-hearth cooking and is connecting the Baltimore food community with farmers practicing responsible rearing methods. In 2014, Marsh earned a StarChefs Rising Star Chef Award for his work at the restaurant.