Garrett Eagleton of The Beagle - Biography

New York, NY

February 2012

Like any modern Chef, Garrett Eagleton is inked with symbols of life in the kitchen, including a tattoo on his inner wrist bearing the phrase “un ouvrier,” (“craftsman” in French), a black steel sauté pan on his right pectoral, and a heart-shaped roast, bound up in butcher’s twine, positioned in the center of his chest, next to his actual heart.

Not that Eagleton was always a tatted, hyper-focused professional. Pivotal inspiration came in the form of an apprenticeship at T’afia, under award-winning chef Monica Pope, while Eagleton was still a culinary student at The Art Institute of Houston. Nationally recognized as an early advocate of local-sustainable cuisine, Chef Pope set Eagleton on the farm-to-table path that would guide his career.

In 2006, it led Chef Eagleton to Portland, Oregon, where the best cuisine is intimately connected to local farms. For the next four years Eagleton worked in some of Portland’s most influential and innovative kitchens, including ClarkLewis, under Morgan Brownlow, where he mastered the wood-burning oven and whole-animal butchery. He later cooked at Le Pigeon under Gabriel Rucker, where he furthered his reverence for meat, and frequently created dishes for the menu.

Eagleton then moved to Clyde Common, where he was the sous chef on the opening team and got his first opportunity to run a large kitchen and exercise his role as a manager. After a year at Clyde Common, Eagleton held positions in two more Portland kitchens, including Lincoln, and then headed to Los Angeles to cook at The Tasting Kitchen in Venice Beach. Eagleton’s next, and latest stop, is at The Beagle, the East Coast establishment of Eagleton’s Clyde Common employer, Matt Piacentini. There Eagleton oversees a menu of small and large plates that pulls together the best of his life influences, a cultivated connection to nature, and the sense of well-polished, old-world comfort that The Beagle provides.