Rising Star Chef Gareth Evans of Gwen - Biography

Los Angeles, CA

April 2017

Gareth Evans began his career working for one of the world’s best chefs at one of the world’s best restaurants, and he has carried on like to his current post at Curtis Stone’s Gwen in Los Angeles. Evans got his start working the line at Gordon Ramsay and Marcus Wareing’s Savoy Hotel in London, under Rising Stars alum Josh Emmet. Evans next moved to Paris to cook at Jöel Robuchon’s La Table, where, as chef de partie, he helped the restaurant advance from one to two Michelin stars. He then assisted in the opening of L’Atelier de Jöel Robuchon back in London. 

In 2007, Evans moved to the States to cook at Thomas Keller’s Per Se in New York City, working with Rising Stars alum Jonathan Benno. Returning to the Gordon Ramsay family, he cooked with another Rising Stars duo, Marcus Glocker and Ron Paproki, at the London in Midtown Manhattan.  

In 2008, Evans moved to the West Coast to open Maude with Stone. As executive chef, Evans’ tour-de-force tasting menus were a thought-provoking exploration of a specific seasonal ingredient that changed each month. In 2016, Evans and Stone debuted Gwen in Hollywood. There, his tasting menus draw from the restaurant’s extensive butchery program and wood-fired kitchen—and from the skills Evans has garnered from some of the biggest names in food.