Sommelier François Chartier of Taste Buds and Molecules - Biography

Quebec, Canada

July 2011

François Chartier is on the cutting edge of flavor exploration. If you’re in the industry and you don’t know his name yet, you will, and you likely won’t forget it. An acclaimed sommelier, cook, flavor detective, and best-selling author, Chartier has instigated the new aromatic discipline “molecular food harmonies and sommellerie.” And he’s sharing it all, one incredible, palate-opening, mind-blowing explanation at a time.

In June 2009, Chartier released the first results of his scientific research in the form the ground-breaking Papilles et Molécules: La Science Aromatique Des Aliments et Des Vins (published in English as Taste Buds and Molecules – The Aromatic Science of Food and Wine in 2010). An instant hit in his native Canada, the book quickly rose to the top of the best-sellers lists, and in February 2010, it was awarded the prestigious “World’s Best Innovative Food Book” Award at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Paris. Publications in Hungary and Russia followed, with the United States being the most recent recipient of Chartier’s best-selling English translation.

Even as the accolades and awards roll in, Chartier has his mind—and palate—perpetually trained on the nuances of culinary relationships. And his innovative creations and pairing harmonies have inspired widespread interest in the gastronomical universe. It’s fortunate, then, that beyond maintaining his own websites ( and, Chartier shares his sought-after expertise in multiple forums, including an award-winning collaboration with Ferran Adrià for the el Bulli menus of 2009 and 2010, a documentary film currently in production, and a weekly, one-hour television show based on the aromatic endeavors and discoveries of Tastebuds and Molecules, scheduled to air on Tele-Quebec in January 2012.