Pastry Chef Francis Ang of Fifth Floor - Biography

San Francisco, CA

August 2012

Francis Ang grew up in the Philippines and still remembers the delicious dishes his dad and grandmother cooked during his childhood. Those early memories greatly influence Ang, and he moved to San Francisco when he was 19 to enroll in culinary school. An internship at the Copenhagen Bakery in Burlingame was an early indicator that Ang was meant to work as a pastry chef.

After graduation, Ang worked at Gary Danko in San Francisco, where he was lucky enough to train under Gary Danko himself, furthering his knowledge of pastries and desserts.

And although Ang joined the acclaimed Fifth Floor as a line cook, when Chef David Bazirgan recognized Ang’s passion for desserts, Bazirgan worked closely with Ang to hone his pastry skills. Ang was quickly promoted to pastry chef. Finding inspiration from his travels throughout Asia, Ang creates desserts that combine ethnic flavors with the modern approach of Fifth Floor.