Rising Star Baker Evrim Dogu of Sub Rosa Bakery - Biography

Richmond, VA

November 2014

Evrim Dogu's Turkish parents instilled a love of bread in him from an early age, sharing their culture in which bread is a part of daily life and where every neighborhood has a bread bakery that turns out dark, crisp loaves twice a day. Although he originally pursued a career in education, Dogu eventually made his way to bread, baking out of his father’s restaurant using a wood-fired pizza oven and teaching himself the skills and craft of bread baking. In 2012, Dogu opened Sub Rosa Bakery in Richmond, Virginia, with his sister, Evin, who is the bakery's pastry chef, co-owner, and general manager. Dogu works directly with farmers to grow heirloom varieties of wheat, rye, and corn, which is then stone milled in-house and incorporated into the shop's breads and pastries. As an exemplar for the baking community, his long-term goals include researching and re-presenting lost lineages of breads and baking techniques from Anatolia and the Fertile Crescent and to collaborate with chefs, farmers, breeders, and historians to create a bread culture rooted in tradition but open to innovation. Hoping to spread his ideas and encourage bread education, Dogu is in the process of creating a lodging space in order to support stagiers and traveling bakers. In 2014, Dogu and his sister earned a StarChefs Rising Star Artisans Award for their work at Sub Rosa.