Rising Star Baker Evin Dogu of Sub Rosa Bakery - Biography

Richmond, VA

December 2014

Pastry chef, co-owner (along with brother, Evrim), and general manager of Sub Rosa in Richmond, Virginia, Evin Dogu grew up by the hearth. The siblings' father runs Rosemary’s Thyme Bistro, a chain of wood-fired pizza shops in the D.C. area. But it wasn't until she was an adult, establishing a career as a teacher, that Dogu seriously started thinking about baking herself.

Answering a call, and a craving, for the traditional Turkish sweets of her youth, Dogu enrolled in several pastry classes and never looked back. Following a few apprenticeships at various bakeries, she decided to join her bother in Richmond, where he was already making a name for himself, baking small batch artisan breads. With his deft hand at shaping loaves and her delicate ones at turning croissant, plus years of learning how to compromise with each other, they were a perfect partnership.

The two opened Sub Rosa Bakery in 2012, to great acclaim. So much so that when a fire destroyed part of the building they occupied, just months after opening, they received overwhelming support from their growing fan base (and local culinary community) and were able to reopen the following January. Exemplars of the baking community, they work directly with farmers to grow heirloom varieties of wheat, rye, and corn, which are then stone-milled in-house and incorporated into the shop's breads and pastries. In 2014, the siblings earned a StarChefs Rising Star Artisan Award for their work at Sub Rosa.