Chef Ethan Pikas of Cellar Door Provisions - Biography

Chicago, IL

September 2015

Chef Ethan Pikas is co-owner of Chicago’s Cellar Door Provisions, where there’s a commitment to sourcing from the bottom up—from the salt and flour to the proteins served and the relationships that such sourcing fosters. Much like his restaurant, Pikas also started from humble beginnings. He was introduced to the industry as a dishwasher, making ends meets as he pursued a degree in creative writing. Struggling to find a place in the world of of the written word, and in need of an outlet for his creative yearnings, Pikas started to get serious about cooking.

He enrolled in culinary school, eager to develop technique in both savory and pastry, skillsets with which he is still constantly progressing and experimenting. Along with partners Tony Bezsylko and Justin Behlke, Pikas launched Cellar Door in 2014, striving to create a personal and exceptional take on Midwestern cuisine that is simultaneously inventive and warm and familiar.