Mixologist Eron Plevan of Oakroom at the Seelbach Hilton - Biography

Louisville, KY

January 2014

Mixologist Eron Plevan might seem like a professional oddity, but in many ways, he’s a professional inevitability. Plevan grew up in Burnet, Texas, not far from Austin. After earning his Bachelors of Science in Psychology at Angel State University in San Angelo, Plevan migrated to Louisville, Kentucky to work on a Masters of Divinity in Christian Ministry at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. From there came a step for only the true believer: a career in craft cocktails.

Once in Louisville, Plevan fell in love—with everything—its history, culture, food, drinks, music, weather, sports teams, and the plain old Kentucky spirit. Plevan tends to be first in line whenever a new venue springs up. His first experience in cocktail culture came at Meat, a craft cocktail speakeasy in the Butchertown area of Louisville (now closed, it was once ranked the 39th Best Bar in the World by Drinks International). Now at the helm of The Oakroom at The Seelbach Hotel, Plevan does his best to balance his love of Kentucky culture, the hotel’s storied history, his own love of cocktails, and an enduring faith. When he’s not perfecting that balancing act, Plevan can be found swimming, hitting up the local music scene, and attending to any and all Texas Longhorn-related happenings, and maintaining membership at the Sojourn Community Church.