Chef Erick Loos of La Provence - Biography

Lacombe, LA

December 2011

At an early age, Erick Loos started cooking at home and working in professional kitchens. And it was a straight shot from high school and his Moreno, California hometown to the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. An extern opportunity brought him to New Orleans, where he began working at John Besh’s Restaurant August. And after Hurricane Katrina, Loos stayed in the city, working to rebuild the New Orleans restaurant community. In a short time, Loos was promoted to sous chef at Restaurant August, a job that came with the perk of summers in Provence, cooking at the Château de Montcaud, where he experienced the true essence of Provençal cooking.

In 2009, Loos took over as chef de cuisine at Besh’s La Provence in Lacombe, Louisiana, where he keeps the tradition of La Provence founder, Chris Kerageorgiou, at heart as he creates dishes using local ingredients, many of which are grown on La Provence’s own farm (including furry Mangalitsa pigs that supply all of Besh’s Nola restaurants with their fatty protein). Since he took the helm, La Provence has been named New Orleans Menu magazine’s “Restaurant of the Year” and one of the nation’s “Most Romantic Restaurants” by Travel + Leisure. Additionally, Loos has helped Besh win the title of Iron Chef on “Iron Chef America,” and he recently won the crown in the national Cochon 555 competition.