Rising Star Eric Lepine of New Harvest Coffee Roasters - Biography

Pawtucket, RI

March 2014

For three years, Eric Lepine tasted his way through a world of flavors as a coffee buyer for Whole Foods. After winning a trip to a coffee farm in Costa Rica, an inspired Lepine heard about an open position at New Harvest from a friend and ended up landing the job. Lepine joined the production facility in 2009 and hasn’t looked back, moving on to roasting after six months.

Working with New Harvest—a decade-plus old roastery which recently opened a retail café—Lepine landed in the deep-end of coffee, not just attending to the palates of New England (bolder, darker), but visiting origin coffee sites, observing and enhancing the nuance of his product. New Harvest hosted the Mane Coffee Conference in 2013 and throws frequent Barista Jams and public cupping classes; Lepine is also a charter member of the Providence Coffee Society and has recently become a licensed Q Grader. He surreptitiously influences the tastes of joe drinkers by crafting specialized roasts and blends for restaurants and cafes across New England. Lepine earned the StarChefs.com Rising Star Roaster Award in 2014.