Chef Eric Korsh of Calliope - Biography

New York, NY

September 2017

Originally from Long Island, New York, Eric Korsh worked as a line cook at a local diner during his teen years. After college, he cooked in Boston before movign to New York City and landing at Picholine. From Picholine, Korsh moved to chef positions at restaurants throughout the city, including Prune, Jerry’s Cafe, and Aretsky’s Patroon.

Korsh was ready for a change and departed for Sebastopol, California, in 2008. He plunged into ownership with 60-seat Eloise, showcasing a distinct style of rustic French farmhouse cuisine. In 2009, Korsh and his partner, Ginevra Iverson, won StarChefs Rising Stars Awards for their work.

Returning to the East Coast, Korsh took a position as executive chef at The Waverly Inn, a departure from classic French to seasonal American food. After two years, he jumped back into ownership, partnering up for the 2012 opening of Calliope, a continuation of his rustic style. In April 2014, after leaving Calliope, Korsh was named executive chef of Union Square Hospitality Group’s North End Grill. Six months later, the restaurant earned two stars from The New York Times.