Enric Canut of CCI Consultores Alimentarios - Biography

Barcelona, Spain

July 2011

Nancy Harmon Jenkins of Food & Wine magazine wasn’t exaggerating when she called Eric Canut “the Cheese Guru.” Canut is not only an expert on all things cheese, he’s a prolific proselytizer for the culture (so to speak) and traditions of artisanal cheese-making in Spain.

Born in Barcelona in 1956, Canut earned his degree in Technical Architectural Engineering with a specialization in dairy cow stockbreeding. Fresh from university, and just after his 20th birthday, Canut headed for Holland to learn firsthand about the traditions and techniques of farmhouse cheese-making. It was in Holland that Canut was first inspired by the potential of raw milk cheeses. Canut brought this inspiration back to Spain, where he worked as a consultant to cheese factories until he and a few friends decided to set up their own traditional dairy in the Catalan Pyrenees.

While his knowledge of regional Spanish products extends well beyond cheese (during his tenure as head of the Vinoseleccion Club, he demonstrated near flawless knowledge of wines, cured meats, and preserves), Canut’s central passion will always be cheese. He’s given conferences, edited books, consulted extensively, and contributed many newspaper and magazine articles—Canut is in close collaboration with trade show organizers Alimentaria and Barcelona Degusta—all to promote the variety and quality of Spain’s regional cheeses.

Ever teeming with local pride, Canut currently is involved in a project to restore the inland salt mines in Gerri de la Sal, the town in the Pre-Pyrenees where his grandparents and parents lived.