Sommelier Eduard Seitan of Avec - Biography

Chicago, IL

February 2011

After emigrating from Romania, Eduard Seitan quickly mastered English and built a strong résumé as a waiter at some of Chicago’s most well-known and beloved restaurants. Fast forward to today, and he acts as floor manager and head server at Blackbird and as manager at avec, in addition to manning the restaurant group’s beverage programs. Once avec opened, Seitan fleshed out his wine knowledge, earning a Sommelier Certificate to effectively manage the beverage program. He now selects the wines, beer, and distilled spirits for Blackbird and avec. As the restaurant group expands, Seitan continues to oversee the beverage program. He developed the beer-centric beverage program for The Publican to complement Chef Kahan’s visions for the more casual, beer-concept restaurant, combining Belgian-style beers, English ales and lagers, American microbrews, and other fermented beverages.