Mixologist Éamonn Fetherston - Biography

December 2014

Éamonn Fetherston likes cocktails. That’s the long and short of it. Having waited tables at a “pre-clubbing” bar in Edinburgh through college, he gained exposure to European cocktail culture which allowed him to articulate what he liked in a drink, namely: is it well-balanced and is it well-made.

He got his start back in the States by bugging older bother, JP (then of The Passenger) for a job. Starting out as a server, the bugging didn’t stop until Fetherston found his way behind the bar, where he found that he loved the mechanics of being a bartender just as much as creating the cocktails he served. Fetherston eventually moved to The Columbia Room where he continued to learn under James Beard nominee and 2014 Rising Star Restaurateur Derek Brown, learning the roots of classic cocktails.

Fetherston eventually made his way to the role of bar manager for Rappahannock Oyster Bar, where he developed a list featuring inspired twists on classic cocktails. Currently, he is taking some time off to figure out his next step and we can’t wait to find out where he’s headed (and what our next drink will be!).