Rising Star Restaurateur Drew Gordon Davis of Eastman Egg Company - Biography

Chicago, IL

May 2015

Director of Operations of the Eastman Egg Company and Harvard grad, Drew Gordon Davis, fell into the restaurant industry like many do, while seeking a job (and direction) after college. He worked through almost every front-of-house position under Chefs Tony Maws, Barbara Lynch, and David Chang. 

By 2013, when CEO Hunter Swartz had rolled out the Eastman Egg Company food truck, he brought on Davis, whom he met at The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. The two would later join Erin Byrne, who had recently returned from a culinary sabbatical in Asia and the United States to help launch Eastman’s first brick and mortar in early 2015. Davis wears many hats for the company, including executive chef, head of human resources, and delivery boy.

Today, the Chicago entrepreneurial trio is serving the Windy City the best possible breakfast (in under five minutes) one sandwich at a time—with plenty room to grow. For their efforts, they earned a 2015 StarChefs Rising Star Concept Award.