Brewer Doug Reiser of Burial Beer Co - Biography

Asheville, NC

December 2013

A tired and bored attorney, Doug Reiser left a partnership at a small law practice to begin representing brewers in 2010 and discussing relevant legal topics at Reiser had already begun brewing, and it was consuming his everyday life. Living in Ohio, New Orleans, New York, and Seattle fed his feverish desire to learn all things beer, all culminating with an eye-opening adventure in France and Belgium that would inevitably seal his fate as future farmhouse brewery owner.

In 2013, along with fellow brewer (and co-owner) Doug Reiser, Gormley moved from Seattle to Asheville with plans not only open their own brewery but to live out the rest of their respective lives. To them, the large mountain town suited beer brewing as well as their own lifestyles. They’ve been open for less than a year and already they aren’t able to produce enough beer with their small, self-made brewing system to satisfy demand. Gormley and Reiser have plans to build a 20-barrel production facility on a farmland nearby. But they want to grow slowly, control quality, and do it all on their own terms, allowing for no outside investment. Their creative, determined, do-it-yourself spirit captures the very essence of Asheville as a cutting-edge beer city.  Family man, multi-faced entrepreneur, jean-clad professional, and reckless brewer. That's Reiser.