Pastry Chef Donna Yuen of Vidalia - Biography

Washington, DC

August 2013

A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Donna Yuen wasted no time getting on the fast track to pastry success. After completing her bachelors in baking and pastry arts in 2005, Yuen moved to Washington D.C. and landed a position as pastry assistant at Lia’s. After six months, she was promoted to executive pastry chef of the Chef Geoff Group. For the next three years Yuen ran the pastry programs and created seasonal menus for Lia’s, Chef Geoff’s, Chef Geoff’s Downtown, and Chef Geoff’s Tysons. In 2010, Yuen left the Chef Geoff’s Group to step into the role of pastry chef at the Dupont Circle Hotel, where she produced all items in-house, presenting classic preparations with a modern sensibility. 2013 found Yuen making a move to Vidalia, where she will put a southern twist on her refined sweets.