Chef Davide Scabin of Combal.Zero - Biography

Piemonte, Italy

August 2012

Son of a lorry driver and a cook, Davide Scabin had a colorful early career—and one that didn’t go directly into food. After attending catering college, Scabin actually went on to work as a cosmetic salesman. Whatever success Scabin found in the world of makeup, in 1994, his career took an historic turn with the opening of a trattoria in Almese (Turin, Italy) called Combal.

The trattoria focused on regional dishes alongside incredible innovative recipes. But such was the popularity of Scabin’s interpretations of simple regional fare that Combal attracted gourmands from all over Italy and Europe. Along the way, Scabin’s culinary approach continued to evolve, as did the restaurant. In the 2000, the restaurant opened in a new location, within the Castello di Rivoli, and a new name Combal.Zero.

It’s from that perch that Scabin does his best work, fascinating his guests with his unique creations inspired by his long and design oriented experimentation with ingredients, shapes, texture and temperatures. Over the years Combal.Zero has gained international recognition and countless accolades and awards, including two Michelin stars and a rank of 28 in the San Pellegrino’s “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” of 2011.