Writer Dave Wondrich of Esquire - Biography

New York, NY

April 2012

In between stints as boatyard worker, bass player, process server and a dozen other things, Dave Wondrich was educated at New York University, where he earned a Doctorate in Comparative Literature in 1997. After a brief career as a Shakespeare professor—and an even briefer one as a jazz critic—Wondrich fell into the job writing about drinks, an occupation he seems to have been born for, and has happily persevered in ever since.

"Now the closest thing to a living iPod of drink lore and recipes," as The New York Times has labeled him, Wondrich is an internationally-recognized authority on cocktails and their history. As Esquire’s drinks correspondent, he has ranged far and wide through the world of booze, covering everything from Kentucky bourbon to Chinese cocktails. He has also written for numerous other magazines on the subject, including Oprah, Real Simple, Wine and Spirits, and Saveur.

Wondrich is also the author of five books, including the 2007 Imbibe! (which won a James Beard award) and Punch, which came out in late 2010 to wide acclaim. He is a founding partner in Beverage Alcohol Resource, the nation’s leading training program for bartenders and other mixologists, lectures frequently and far afield on drinks and their curious history, and is a member in satisfactory standing of the Yerba Buena No. 1 chapter of E Clampus Vitus.