Wine Director Danny Fisher of Ripple - Biography

Washington, D.C.

December 2014

Danny Fisher’s passion for wine was first ignited when he worked at a family-owned Italian restaurant during college. The economics undergraduate forsook crunching numbers and office jobs and took on a rather interesting path— working as a commercial fisherman off the coasts of Washington state and Alaska for several years. When he eventually traveled back in land to Seattle, he worked for a wine importer who specialized in French wines and at a local bar. It was then that Fisher rekindled his passion and decided to pursue a career in the wine industry.

Fisher moved to the District to find a job at Cork restaurant and wine bar, where he helped open and worked at for three years. He also helped open Cork Market, where he served as general manager and was responsible for directing the market’s construction and product selection. In May 2010, he opened Ripple as its general manager, overseeing both wine and beverage programs. Under his helm, Ripple received many accolades including The Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washingtonian’s Best Wine Program in 2014, as well as one of Wine Enthusiast’s 100 Best Wine Restaurants in 2013 and 2014.

At Ripple, Fisher continues to maintain the highest standards of service and hospitality, for which his guests are always met with smiles and their glasses always filled with “earthy, dirty, stinky” old-school wines he’s a big fan of.