Mixologist Danielle Pizzutillo of Charcoal Bar - Biography

Chicago, IL

October 2014

Danielle Pizzutillo has set up sophisticated craft cocktail programs across Chicago. She got her start as a bar professional at Embeya, where she was beverage director while her husband, Thai Dang, served as chef of the highly acclaimed, 250-seat restaurant. More recently she has become known for her Japanese-inspired beverage program at the intimate Charcoal Bar in the River North neighborhood. Pizzutillo’s creative style employs fresh flavors and presentations, utilizing ingredients and techniques often found in the kitchen. Pizzutillo attributes her craftsmanship and finesse with cocktails to a sensibility developed during her first career as an architect, when she learned the importance of structure and balance. For her forthcoming venture, Pizzutillo will be once again teaming up with Dang to create the quintessential husband-and-wife team for food, beverage, and hospitality.