Pastry Chef Daniele Dominick of Scottish Bakehouse - Biography

Martha's Vineyard, MA

August 2013

Daniele Dominick is a self-taught baker who develops her own recipes with the intention of making them as simple as possible, "so I can't screw 'em up," she says, and, simply put her humble intent yields delicious delights. In 2002, Dominick was in search of a place of her own after having worked at several island restaurants including the beloved Bongo and ever popular Art Cliff Diner in Vineyard Haven. The local landmark Scottish Bakehouse, which had closed its doors a year before, seemed to be the perfect choice. She brought her fresh energy, new recipes and an easy Italian home style to the bakery and today Dominick is an integral part of the changing culinary scene on the island. The slightly tree-hidden location of the Bakehouse —off State Road—does not deter loyal customers from seeking out the sandwiches, rugalas, cinnamon donuts, and pastries they crave.