Sommelier Dana Farner of Cut - Biography

Beverly Hills, CA

July 2012

When compiling the wine list for Wolfgang Puck’s up-market steakhouse CUT, Sommelier Dana Farner looks for wines that are unusual and represent different varietals. “I want people to taste something and understand that's what that wine is supposed to taste like,” she says. Farner knows the power of one good experience with wine. She got to the wine world by way of an acting and singing career that found her waitressing her way from Minneapolis to LA to New York, where she worked her way up the ranks at the Blue Water Grill, and finally back to Los Angeles for the opening of CUT. Farner quickly realized that the more contact she had with the beverage program, the more inspired she was. Years later, she’s compiling her own wine list with an emphasis on creativity and freedom. The most exciting thing about wine to Farner is its endless variety, and that’s something she wants to share with her diners.